Improved User Experience for BonusLink Members in Presto

Improved User Experience for BonusLink Members in Presto

By Presto 26 May 2022
Effective from 26 May 2022, BonusLink Members who have linked their account in PrestoMall will be able to enjoy a more seamless experience to redeem their BonusLink Points. Presto will be extending BonusLink Points redemption beyond PrestoMall to our mini-app services in the future. As a start, BonusLink Points redemption is now available in PrestoMart, our unique offline retail concept store that has an exciting offering of imported snacks, food, gadgets, and courier services. In conjunction with this improved user experience, Presto has made some minor updates to several features in PrestoMall. Stay updated with the improvement guide below for a better experience!

Updated Account Link Feature

1. The account link interface in PrestoMall will be moved to Presto App. 2. The account link status will only be shown in Presto App. 3. If you haven’t linked your account yet, follow these steps to link your account.

Updated Redemption Feature

To enable redemption of BonusLink Points in PrestoMall, you will need to link your BonusLink account in Presto.

Redemption in PrestoMall via PrestoApp

Redemption in PrestoMall via Website Updated BonusLink Points Issuance Feature 1. To enable the issuance of BonusLink Points for qualified spending in PrestoMall, you will need to link your BonusLink Account in Presto. 2. BonusLink Points will be issued to your account upon ‘Purchase Confirm’ status on your order. 3. BonusLink Points issued shall be based on the prevailing rate offered at the time of purchase.

Updated Transaction History Reference

Updated Refund Method

1. Refund of BonusLink Points redemption in PrestoMall will be in Presto Credits. 2. Here’s how to check your refund status:
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