VSING and Presto Make Your Fun Time More Rewarding

VSING and Presto Make Your Fun Time More Rewarding

By Presto
29 December 2023

Get ready to unlock a world of rewards as Presto teams up with VSING, your rhythmic paradise! With 12 vibrant outlets across Klang Valley, Ipoh, Johor, and Melaka, VSING is more than just music—it’s a community of over 80,000 individuals creating incredible bonds through singing and socializing.

How Your Passion Turns into Rewards
At VSING, your passion for singing transforms into tangible rewards through the power of V POINT. Sing your heart out at any VSING outlet and earn V POINT with every melody. But the harmony doesn’t end there. Presto takes this musical collaboration to new heights.

Elevate Your VSING Loyalty Experience
Your V POINT is now the VIP of Presto’s playground! Merge them seamlessly into your Presto experience as a digital currency. Fancy a blend of V POINT and other payment methods? No problem! Running low on points? Don’t fret; Presto offers a myriad of redemption options.

Presto welcomes you to a treasure trove of products and services! Whether it’s upgrading your space, snagging the latest gadgets, or indulging in luxury, Presto’s got your back. Elevate your VSING loyalty experience to a whole new crescendo.

Unlocking Rewards Is As Easy As Hitting The High Notes:

Step 1: Log in to your VSING account.

Step 2: Navigate to “My V POINT” and select “Redeem Special Price”.

Step 3: Click on “More Rewards For You to Redeem Here”.

Step 4: Link your VSING to Presto to begin redeeming.

Step 5: Add your preferred items to cart and proceed to checkout.

Step 6: Add loyalty points and choose VSING.

Maximize Your Savings with Presto and VSING
Combine your V POINT with other loyalty points like BonusLink, Near U, and more at Presto. With us, it’s a symphony of rewards while you croon to your favorite tunes.

Conclusion: Let’s Sing, Earn, and Get Rewarded!
Join the musical collaboration!

If you’re not a VSING member yet, download the VSING app, start singing your heart out, and embrace the rewards that await.

If you’re already a VSING member, start redeeming your exciting rewards by following the step-by-step process.

So, warm up your vocal cords, strike the chords, and redeem with your V POINT on Presto today! Embrace the harmony of singing and earning rewards—it’s music to your ears!

Download the Presto App now: