Keep Scammers at Bay with Presto!

Keep Scammers at Bay with Presto!

By Presto
17 February 2023

Scammers, Scammers Everywhere!
Online scams, investment scams, email scams, love scams—you might have seen news about these scams happening to unfortunate people all around the world. According to The Star, Malaysians lost over a whopping RM5.2bil to scammers from 2020 to 2022. Kai wan xiao!

Now imagine this scenario: What if you actually fall victim to one of these scams? As scammers are very much active and rampant these days, Presto is here to share with you a few trending scams and how you can safeguard your hard-earned money!

Macau Scam

The Macau scam usually involves a phone call from someone impersonating a government official, police, or bank officer. They will then advise or request for you to make a fund transfer to avoid being blacklisted or having your bank account frozen.

What to do: Stay calm and do not panic. Ask for their identity verification and insist on meeting at the police station or in a protected public space.

Social Media Scams

Also known as a Phishing scam, it is a type of cyberattack where someone impersonate legitimate organisations or individuals you may know via email or advertisements to trick you into revealing sensitive information.

What to do: Ignore or delete suspicious emails and messages. Do not click into any links or provide personal information before verifying it with the legitimate businesses, organisations, or individuals through the proper contact channels.

Employment Scams

These scammers often advertise jobs with attractive renumerations but provide little information about the job, with the intention to trick potential victims into providing personal information or transferring their money to secure said job.

What to do: Do a background check on both the employer and recruiter to check if they have a reputable website, professional references, reviews, or social media presence. Don’t pursue the job offer if something doesn’t add up.

Love Scams

This is a popular scam where fraudsters prey on single, lonely individuals online through social media and dating apps. These romance scammers often try to win the hearts of potential victims to trick them into transferring money.

What to do: Search up the person’s name, image or profile on a different platform to the one you met them on. Do not ever transfer money to or share sensitive information with an online love interest, especially one you’ve never met.

Presto Scam?
Anyone can be a target, anyone can be a victim—including Presto buddies! It has come to our attention that there are individuals impersonating Presto to trick its beloved customers into revealing sensitive information or making fund transfers. Often times, this scam is done via suspicious phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp and emails.

What to do:
1. Always remember this golden rule—Presto will NEVER ask its buddies to perform transactions or payments outside its official platform. All form of payments shall be conducted only on Presto’s OFFICIAL platforms such as the Presto App, PrestoMall and PrestoMart Near U.

2. PrestoMall will never authorise anyone to carry out job offer for commission.

3. Presto’s official website is and be sure to only rely on information posted on its official website.

Presto is Here to Help!
In the event that you require assistance, you can reach us via our official customer service channels:

Presto’s official customer service WhatsApp numbers:

1. Seller Support:  +603 – 2724 3838
2. Consumer Support: +6011 – 5681 2133

Presto’s official customer service email addresses:

1. Presto General:
2. PrestoMall Buyer:
3. PrestoMall Seller:
4. PrestoMart Near U:
5. PrestoDirect:

We may not be able to stop scams, but we can be extra vigilant to help reduce the possibility of being a scam victim. Now that you’re aware of these scams, do alert your friends and family members so that we can battle against scammers together

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