Welcoming FINE JAPAN and MOSH! to Presto!

Welcoming FINE JAPAN and MOSH! to Presto!

By Presto
21 July 2023

Get ready to indulge in an electrifying shopping spree because we’ve got not one, but TWO fantastic new brands joining our Presto family!

Say hello to FINE JAPAN and MOSH!, two powerhouse brands that are set to revolutionize your shopping experience like never before. Without further ado, let’s dive right in and get to know these brands up close!

FINE JAPAN: Unlock the Secret to Radiant Beauty from Within

Step into a world of timeless beauty and holistic wellness with FINE JAPAN, the pioneering nutraceutical company that has been creating health food supplements for over 45 years! Embrace the Japanese principles of beauty from within as FINE JAPAN brings you a dazzling range of health and beauty food supplements, meticulously formulated with the likes of hyaluron, collagen, and pearl coix for the ultimate brightening and anti-aging properties.

Prepare to glow from the inside out as you embark on a journey towards timeless beauty and well-being with FINE JAPAN on Presto!

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MOSH!: Elevate Your Lifestyle with Stunning Household Essentials!

Welcome to the world of chic and practical household essentials brought to you by MOSH! This dynamic brand specializes in crafting exceptional items like oven toasters, mugs, tumblers, stainless steel bottles, and more, designed to elevate your daily living experience to new heights! Infuse your home with style, functionality, and a touch of elegance as you browse through MOSH!’s remarkable collection, carefully crafted to enhance every aspect of your life.

From sipping your favorite beverages in style to adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, MOSH! is the ultimate destination for upgrading your living space with trendy, high-quality essentials!

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Gosh, So Many FINE Deals!
But that’s not all – the celebration doesn’t stop there! In conjunction with the addition of FINE JAPAN and MOSH! to Presto, we’re also bringing you irresistible deals that will widen the smile on your face:

[2@RM228] FINE Hyaluron Acid & Collagen 210g

Special Deal: Buy 2 at RM228

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[2@RM268] FINE Premium Hyaluron & Collagen Refil Pack 210G

Special Deal: Buy 2 at RM268

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[2@RM268] FINE Premium Hyaluron & Collagen 196G

Special Deal: Buy 2 at RM268

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[BUY 1 FREE 1] FINE Hyaluron & Collagen White 240g

Special Deal: BUY 1 FREE 1 at RM238

Buy Now

[BUY 1 FREE 1] FINE Organic Pearl Coix Extract Powder 190G

Special Deal: BUY 1 FREE 1 at RM237.90

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MOSH! Latte Pot 1.3L

RRP: RM238

Buy Now

MOSH! New Milk Bottle 600ml

RRP: RM138

Buy Now

MOSH! Latte Mug Cup 430ml

RRP: RM128

Buy Now

MOSH! Oven Toaster

RRP: RM329

Buy Now

MOSH! Latte Straw Tumbler 480ml

RRP: RM128

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MOSH! Mug Cup 400ml


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MOSH! Stainless Steel Milk Bottle 450ml

RRP: RM128

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What is Presto, you asked? We’re glad you did! Presto is Malaysia’s homegrown and largest Super Loyalty E-Commerce App that allows you to experience a whole new level of rewards redemption and savings like never before! Oh, and your wallet and loyalty points will thank you!

If you’re wondering how to do so, we’ve got your back. Read on to unveil the incredible rewards waiting for you on Presto’s Highway of Rewards!

Redeem the Best from FINE JAPAN and MOSH! with Your BonusLink Points!
Here’s the icing on the cake – you can use your accumulated BonusLink Points to redeem your desired products from both FINE JAPAN and MOSH!

Experience the thrill of redeeming and unlocking remarkable rewards while enjoying the best that these brands have to offer—all made possible thanks to your BonusLink Points!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Presto now and be among the first to explore the wonders of FINE JAPAN and MOSH!. Dive into a world of radiant beauty and chic household essentials, and use your BonusLink Points to bring home the finest products from these stellar brands. It’s time to indulge, upgrade, and embark on a shopping spree that will leave you exhilarated and fulfilled!

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Last but not least, Presto CARROT LOT about you!

Haven’t you heard? You can now log in to the Presto app daily and harvest CARROTS—Presto’s gamified loyalty program that’s revolutionizing the way you shop and save!

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Here’s how you can earn Carrots on the Presto app:

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