Everything Goes at RM9.90, Only on 9.9 Presto Sale!

Everything Goes at RM9.90, Only on 9.9 Presto Sale!

By Presto
1 September 2023

Hey Buddies! September is here, and that means it’s time for the 9.9 Presto Sale where EVERYTHING is rocking the irresistible price of just RM9.90! It’s not a dream – it’s a reality! Also, as a special treat for our members, we’ve also got massive discounts of up to a whopping 95% OFF!

But that’s not all! With 9.9 Presto Salenot only do you get amazing deals and discounts, but you also have the opportunity to use your loyalty points to redeem FREE items you wouldn’t normally spend your hard-earned money on. It’s like getting rewards for saving money!

And remember, with Presto, it always pays both ways – you save money and still get to enjoy the products you love! A double win indeed!

Everything at Only ONE Price – RM9.90!
From now until 30 September 2023, let’s explore what you can get with only RM9.90 across various categories like Health & Beauty, Tech & Gadgets, Home & Living, and so much more—all at ONE price!

Get ready to shop smarter, SAVE BIGGER, and make your September unforgettable with the 9.9 Presto Sale!

Cooker King X-Series 30cm Matte Wokpan w/Lid (95% OFF)

Cooker King Nian Lun 24cm Nonstick Stockpot w/Lid (95% OFF)

QVVI 2.4G Wireless Gaming Keyboard Mouse Set (95% OFF)

B.O.W Dual Mode Bluetooth Keyboard K380D (94% OFF)

Kinohimitsu God of Fortune CNY Gift Pack (93% OFF)

Kinohimitsu Prosperity Abalone Set (93% OFF)

Lab101 Acetyltetrapeptide Brighten Freeze-dried Mask (93% OFF)

Kinohimitsu Yi Fan Feng Shun Gift Pack (92% OFF)

Colorkey Tricolor Rainbow Cleansing Oil (83% OFF)

Pisen Fast Charging Wireless Charger 15W TP-C03YXD (80% OFF)

VIU Premium Subscription [180 Days] (76% OFF)

Looking for more exciting deals? Click the link below and get ready to be blown away by the discounts, excitement, and sheer awesomeness that 9.9 Presto Sale has in store for you!

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Unlock Savings Galore as You Redeem with Presto’s Highway of Rewards!
Want to UNLOCK even more SAVINGS? There’s no better place to do so than Presto! What is Presto, you asked? We’re glad you did! Presto is Malaysia’s First & Largest Multiple Loyalty Points Redemption Hub that allows you to experience a whole new level of rewards redemption and savings like never before! Oh, and your wallet and loyalty points will thank you! If you’re wondering how to do so, we’ve got your back. Read on to unveil the incredible rewards waiting for you on Presto’s Highway of Rewards!

Pay with your BonusLink Points for EXTRA SAVINGS!
Don’t forget that you can SAVE even more on by using your BonusLink Points to make either a combined payment of e-Wallets/Presto Credits/Online Banking/Credit & Debit Card with BonusLink Points, or a full payment with BonusLink points when checking out. The more BonusLink Points you have, the more you will save on your purchases.

Enjoy 9X BonusLink Points at PrestoMall!
During 9.9 Presto Sale, you can enjoy 9X BonusLink Points for every RM2 spent in PrestoMall! All in all, the more you spend, the more BonusLink Points you will get!

Terms and conditions apply

Don’t Forget to Link Your BonusLink Account to Presto
If you’re new to Presto or haven’t linked your BonusLink Account, hurry and do so now to enjoy the 8X BonusLink Points reward on your purchases during the promo period! If you’re linking your BonusLink account to Presto for the VERY FIRST TIME, boy do we have good news for you! You can get 200 BonusLink Points for FREE by doing so! What are you waiting for? 
Link your BonusLink account today!

Redeem Your Desired Gifts from Our BonusLink Redemption Catalogue

Accumulated lots of BonusLink Points? There’s no better way to put them to good use than spending them in our curated BonusLink Redemption Catalogue! Simply redeem your desired products or other exciting goodies with your BonusLink Points. No money needed! Talk about SAVINGS!

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Play the Mini-Game: “Find the Bunny”

Well, here’s a fun way to SAVE even more on Presto! All you have to do is play “Find the Bunny” on the Presto App and win Presto Credits every day. Yes, EVERY DAY!

From now until 30 September 2023, be sure to log in and play daily to maximize your earnings on Presto! Let’s put your skills to the test!

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Last but not least, Presto CARROT LOT about you!

Haven’t you heard? You can now log in to the Presto app daily and harvest CARROTS—Presto’s gamified loyalty program that’s revolutionizing the way you shop and save!

As part of Presto’s Highway of Rewards, Carrots is the perfect way to earn and save while you shop. With daily activities like harvesting and bonus games, you’ll be racking up Carrots in no time to take your savings to the next level!

The best part? You can use your Carrots as a form of payment at Presto’s enabled merchants or online storesand combine them with other loyalty points and payment methods to offset your purchases for EVEN MORE SAVINGS! It’s a win-win!

Here’s how you can earn Carrots on the Presto app:

Download the Presto App now: