Team Malaysia Youth All Girls Cheerleading Shines on the Global Stage

Team Malaysia Youth All Girl Cheerleading Shines on the Global Stage

By Presto
07 May 2024

In an extraordinary moment for Malaysian cheerleading, Team Malaysia Youth All Girl (TMYAG) has made history by securing both bronze and gold medals at prestigious cheerleading competitions. Their remarkable journey began with a groundbreaking win at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships 2024 in Orlando, Florida, where they achieved Malaysia’s first-ever cheerleading medal, a Bronze Medal in the Youth All-Girl Median division on 26 April. Building on this achievement, TMYAG, representing CHARM Malaysia, went on to earn a Gold Medal at the ICU International Cheerleading Cup 2024 on 29 April! 🏆

TMYAG’s Determination and Talent Shines Through
TMYAG’s journey from bronze to gold symbolises the resilience, determination, and exceptional talent of these young athletes amidst fierce global competition. Their unwavering dedication and teamwork have not only brought pride to Malaysia but have also showcased the immense potential of Malaysian youth on the world stage.

Presto’s Support: Empowering TMYAG’s Dreams

Presto is immensely proud to have sponsored TMYAG on their remarkable journey to the world stage. As part of our commitment to nurturing youth talent and supporting community initiatives, we pledged 1,200,000 Carrots Points, valued at an impressive RM12,000, to fuel TMYAG’s dreams of international competition. This sponsorship not only provided financial support but also symbolised our belief in the power of sports to inspire and unite communities.

A Testament to Malaysian Talent and Spirit

(Minister of Youth & Sports, YB Hannah Yeoh, and National Gymnastics Queen Farah Ann, along with Presto representatives, join TMYAG and supporters for a final showcase before the Championships.)

TMYAG’s success at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships 2024 and the ICU International Cheerleading Cup 2024 not only highlights their exceptional talent but also underscores the vibrancy of Malaysia’s cheerleading scene. With growing support from government bodies, educational institutions, and community organisations, cheerleading has become a thriving sport in Malaysia, enriching the lives of young athletes and spectators alike.

Looking Ahead: Inspiring the Next Generation
As TMYAG returns home with their well-deserved medals, Presto stands firmly behind them, cheering them on every step of the way. With their passion, determination, and Malaysian spirit, we have no doubt that TMYAG will continue to shine brightly and bring glory to Malaysia. Congratulations, TMYAG! Malaysia BOLEH! 🇲🇾


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