Don’t Fall for Scams!

Don’t Fall for Scams!

By Presto
27 May 2022

Scams target people of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels. There is no one set of people who are more prone to become a victim of a scam; we are all vulnerable to a scam at some point in our lives.

Scams succeed because they mimic the actual thing and catch you off guard when you least expect it. Scammers are becoming more sophisticated, making use of new technology, new products or services, and important events to fabricate plausible stories that will persuade you to give them your money or personal information.

As part of our commitment to keep our members safe, we’ve put together some security tips to help you better protect yourself against scam attempts.

1. Do not trust anyone you meet online too easily
2. Be suspicious of any offer that sounds too good to be true
3. Do not share your OTP or Transaction PIN with anyone
4. Do not transfer your money to any stranger online
5. Always verify a sender’s email address or phone number
6. Presto will never ask you to authorize bank transfer of funds

Always verify phone numbers or email addresses to ensure that they’re legitimate. If you’re unsure whether a number or email address of Presto is genuine, check out our list of official contact channels below to verify it 👇

These are our official customer service WhatsApp numbers:

1. Seller Support: +603 – 2724 3838
2. Consumer Support: +6011 – 5681 2133

And these are our official customer service email addresses:

1. Presto General:
2. PrestoMall Buyer:
3. PrestoMall Seller:
4. PrestoMart:
5. PrestoDirect:

By following the above tips and being careful, we can win the battle against scammers together! 💪

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