Presto Partners Web Bytes to Widen Merchant Network

Presto Partners Web Bytes to Widen Merchant Network

Group signs MoU with Web Bytes  to onboard merchants offering e-vouchers on Presto

By Presto
3 July 2023

PETALING JAYA, 3rd JULY 2023 – PUC Berhad (“PUC” or the “Group”), an innovative loyalty to redemption, e-commerce, digital marketing and digital payment solutions provider, today announced that the Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Presto Technology Sdn Bhd (“Presto”) has signed a memorandum of understanding (“MoU”) with Web Bytes Sdn Bhd (“Web Bytes”) to collaborate on assisting merchants to sell e-vouchers on the Presto platform.

Presto is PUC’s loyalty e-commerce redemption app with more than 10 million members that aggregates various loyalty rewards programmes directly into its payment gateway. Presto allows users to consolidate and utilise multiple loyalty points within a single transaction. Its primary goal is to simplify the management of our partners’ rewards redemption catalogue.

Web Bytes has empowered more than 5,000 retail merchants with its cloud-based Xilnex point-of-sales solutions in the region. Through the resellers and partners, Xilnex is now also present in various ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore with 30,000 installations. The MoU involves Xilnex recruiting and onboarding merchants to list and sell e-vouchers on the Presto platform while Presto will partner Xilnex in making the e-vouchers available for redemption to users and Presto members.

Ms. Lim Ee Mae, Chief Commercial Officer of Presto said, “This partnership provides merchants recruited by Xilnex with the opportunity to expand their reach to a broader audience.  Merchants gain access to a larger customer base and wider distribution network. This allows them to increase their brand visibility and attract new customers who are part of the Presto loyalty partner network.”

Mr. Ooi Boon Sheng, Chief Executive Officer of Web Bytes said, “We are delighted to announce we are currently entertaining active recruitments with TeaLive, Marrybrown, SNS  Network and Wonders Café as possible  merchants on this platform. We look forward to working closely with PUC on this partnership, as we believe it will bring substantial benefit to the merchants.” 

In May 2023, PUC announced that the Group has registered a narrowed LBT of RM4.64 million in 1Q 2023 compared with LBT of RM5.11 million in the corresponding quarter of the previous financial year for its Presto business. Besides, Presto has signed a loyalty collaboration with VSING to provide VSING members even more value for their loyalty points. 

The Malaysian economy rebounded strongly post pandemic, with economic growth momentum boosted by easing of Covid-19 restrictive measure. This has fuelled economic growth and created favourable conditions for PUC business expansion. PUC will continue to focus its efforts on the Presto business as the Group aims to be a leader in the loyalty ecommerce redemption segment, PUC recognises these opportunities and plans to ensure long-term profitability.  



PUC Berhad is an innovative loyalty to redemption, e-commerce, digital marketing and digital payment solutions provider. The company team has decided to embark on a journey to be one of the leaders in the Digital Ecosystem from Malaysia and through ASEAN region in the next ten years, hence the group has started a new project called Presto since end of 2017. Presto is Malaysia’s Largest Super Loyalty E-Commerce App Aggregating multiple loyalty points for redemption via Presto Online & Offline Ecosystem with a wide variety of products and services to redeem in REAL TIME. “Empowering Customer Loyalty with Smarter Incentives. Presto’s mission is to enhance users’ digital experience and bring convenience to their lives through one inclusive App. Presto allows users to perform daily tasks faster by leveraging on the latest technology — enabling users to live a cooler life and get richer via smart spending.


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