Tips to Earn FREE money & Save BIG!

Tips to Earn FREE money & Save BIG!

By Presto
11 October 2023

Are you ready to uncover a world of savings and rewards that’ll make your shopping experience with Presto even more exciting? Say hello to Carrots, your digital key to unlock FREE money!

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Carrots, from what they are to how to use them to save BIG on your purchases.

🥕 What are Carrots?
Carrots are a virtual currency, like digital coins, that you can earn and use for FREE money to offset your purchases on Presto. Think of them as your secret stash of savings, ready to be used whenever you shop.

🥕 How to Save Big with Carrots
Here’s where the magic happens! You can save big by earning and harvesting Carrots. Each Carrot is worth RM0.01, and they accumulate faster than you might think.

On average, you can harvest Carrots once a day and play 2 rounds of Bonus Games. This routine alone can earn you RM2 daily, which adds up to a whopping RM60 of FREE money in just one month!

🥕 Where to Find Carrots
Carrots are hidden gems waiting to be discovered right on the Presto App. All you need to do is log in and harvest them. The more you interact with Presto, the more Carrots you’ll uncover!

🥕 Harvest Daily for Maximum Savings
Make it a daily habit to visit the Presto App and harvest your Carrots. By doing this regularly, you’ll save your hard-earned money and enjoy even more significant discounts on your favorite products.

🥕 How to Win Carrots
In case you haven’t heard, Carrots are a part of Presto’s gamified loyalty program that’s revolutionizing the way you shop and save.

With daily activities like harvesting and bonus games, you’ll be racking up Carrots in no time!

🥕 Offset Your Purchases with Carrots
When you’ve harvested enough Carrots, you can use them to offset up to 5% of your purchase total. It’s like getting an instant discount on your shopping, and who doesn’t love that?!

🥕 Combine Carrots for Bigger Savings
Here’s a pro tip: You can combine your Carrots with other loyalty points or payment methods linked to your Presto account for even more substantial savings.

Imagine using your BonusLink Points in combination with your Carrots to unlock incredible discounts – that’s smart shopping!

🥕 Don’t Forget to Check Your Carrots Balance and Expiry Date
To ensure you always make the most of your Carrots, regularly check your Carrots balance and expiry date.

Just click on “Carrots” in the Presto App to view your harvested Carrots and transaction history. This way, you’ll never miss an opportunity to save.

In conclusion, Carrots are your golden ticket to maximize your savings and enhance your shopping experience with Presto. Start harvesting today, and watch your savings grow!

Keep calm and carrot on!

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