Tips to Stretch Your Ringgit

Tips to Strecth Your Precious Ringgit

By Presto
9 December 2023

As the year draws to a close, the importance of making smart financial decisions becomes more pronounced. The cost of living seemed to spike while income sources remained unpredictable. We found ourselves questioning every purchase, trying to figure out ways to balance essential spending with the desire to save for a rainy day.

With economic uncertainty prevailing, the pressure to maximize the value of each Ringgit spent intensifies. It’s in these moments, despite financial challenges, that the quest for effective spending strategies becomes crucial!

Read on to discover useful tips that can help you make the most out of your Ringgit!

Budget-Friendly Shopping

One way to extend your Ringgit is by sticking to a shopping list. Plan your purchases in advance and avoid impulsive buys. This strategy helps you stay within budget and control spending on unnecessary items.

Compare and Hunt for Deals

Don’t settle for the first price you see. Do a bit of research and compare prices before making significant purchases. Hunting for deals, discounts, or bundled offers can save a considerable sum.

Embrace DIY and Thrifting

Get creative! Instead of splurging on pricey products or services, explore DIY options or second-hand markets. You might be surprised by the quality and savings..

Introducing Presto’s Solution: Redeem, Redeem, Redeem!

Enter Presto, Malaysia’s First & Largest Multiple Loyalty Points Redemption Hub, where your loyalty points are as good as cash.

With over 20,000 free items available for redemption using various loyalty points such as BonusLink, VSING and more, Presto maximizes the value of your points.

Not only can you redeem a variety of items across categories like health & beautyhome & livingtech & gadgets and vouchers—but Presto also offers PointzBack on every confirmed redemption—the more you redeem, the more points you get back. No more worries about points expiring as Presto ensures a vast selection, preventing any wastage!

Finally, when checking out, you have the flexibility to choose between making a full payment using your loyalty pointscombining multiple loyalty points for a single redemption, or combining loyalty points with other payment methods such as e-Wallets, Presto Credits, Online Banking, Credit, and Debit Cards. This provides you with various options to offset your purchases for even more savings!

Presto’s Loyalty Points Redemption to the Rescue

Times may be tough, but armed with these tips and Presto’s loyalty points redemption system, we found a way not just to stretch our Ringgit but also to enjoy the rewards of our strategic spending. Don’t miss out on the chance to turn your loyalty points into meaningful rewards and enjoy a more rewarding year ahead!

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