Presto’s Five Mini Games to Win Big Presto Credits

Play, Win, Shop! Presto’s Five Mini Games to Win Big Presto Credits!

By Presto
16 January 2024

Buddies, gear up for an exciting month of gaming and rewards! The game has changed – this month, Presto introduces an exclusive lineup of not one, not two, but FIVE exciting mini games for you to play and win Presto Credits!

A Whopping RM20,000 Worth of Presto Credits to be Won
Prepare for a feast of winnings! Presto’s dishing out RM20,000 worth of Presto Credits to be won. Yes, you read that right!

Be sure to play these mini games daily and earn Presto Credits to treat yourself with discounts and amazing deals on your purchases.

Combine Presto Credits with Loyalty Points for Extra Discounts
But wait, there’s an even smarter way to shop! Boost your savings by combining your hard-earned Presto Credits with other loyalty points available on Presto. Your loyalty points, whether they’re BonusLink Points, V POINT, RISE Points,  or others, can be combined with your Presto Credits.

Stack them up for an incredible discount cocktail that’ll make your purchases even more affordable. It’s not just about playing the games and winning Presto Credits; it’s about leveraging those earnings to unlock greater discounts and savings on your favorite items. Start playing, start earning, and start saving today!

Flappy Bunny

Get ready to flap through obstacles with Flappy Bunny! Guide Presto through a series of hurdles and soar to success. How far can you go?

Strike Like A Ninja

Strike like a ninja in this slicing challenge! Slice away at the items on screen but beware – slicing a bomb deducts RM0.10 from your Presto Credits, while carrots earn you RM0.10 and red gems bring in RM0.20. Maximize your earnings with combo slashes!”

Run Bunny Run

Run, Presto, Run! Control Presto as he sprints to collect Presto Credits. Dodge obstacles and grab as many credits as you can!

Find the Bunny

Sharpen your memory with ‘Find the Bunny’. Keep an eye on Presto hiding under one of three shuffled hats. Can you spot him and win?

Rock, Presto, Carrots

Put your skills to the test in this classic game of scissors, paper, stone. Can you outsmart the computer and rake in the rewards?

Get Ready to Put on Your Game Face
It’s game time at Presto! Dive into our diverse mini games, play daily, and rack up those Presto Credits. Don’t miss out on the fun, and remember – every game you play gets you closer to amazing discounts and offers! Ready, set, game on!

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